Aug 16

Knowledge and Innovation for Inclusive Development project: OECD

“This two-year project will analyze the impact of innovation and related policies on inclusive development. Addressing the needs of policymakers in both key non-member economies and OECD countries, the aims of the project are to:

  • Provide evidence on the impacts of innovation and related policies on inclusive development focusing on industrial, social and territorial inequalities; and
  • Develop concrete policy solutions to support countries in reconciling their innovation and inclusive development agendas, including options for scaling up inclusive innovations e.g. in education.

The analysis will focus on China, Colombia, India, Indonesia and South Africa and draw on other countries’ experiences. The project is conducted in close co-operation with its Advisory Group composed of representatives from the project’s partner countries, delegates from the OECD’s Committee for Scientific and Technology Policy and experts. Other OECD committees and relevant networks are also contributing to the different strands of work of this project.

KIID diagram

The project has four strands of work:

  • Innovation Policies for Inclusive Development: This work will analyze the impacts of innovation and key innovation policies on industrial inclusiveness as well as their effects on social inclusiveness.
  • Policy Impacts on Territorial Inclusiveness: This work will discuss the geographical dimension of inclusive development and identify strategies to overcome industrial and social inequalities across places.
  • Inclusive Innovation in Education: This work will explore inclusive innovations for delivering better-quality education to marginalized populations.
  • Policy Implications for Development Assistance and Developing Countries: This work will focus on exploring how the project’s findings can apply to the institutional setting, policy frameworks, domestic capacity and economic structure of developing countries at less advanced stages of industrial and social development and how it can inform.”

Source: http://www.oecd.org/sti/inno/knowledge-and-innovation-for-inclusive-development.htm

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