Nov 21

Knowledge from the Margins Conference: Social Justice and Sustainability

science“The Knowledge from the Margins (KFM) conference on Aug 18-19, 2015, will be a meeting of interdisciplinary scholars, policy professionals, activists, and community members focused on the following three aims: (1) to showcase new scholarship in science and technology studies on social justice and/or sustainability; (2) to showcase community-oriented and/or activist work that provides social commentary on science, technology and society; and (3) to train scholars on how to create policy-relevant work. We will end the conference with a reflexive exercise so that participants have concrete and actionable ideas to take away with them.This proposed conference is part of this re-turn to knowledge from the margins. It seeks to add to this newer scholarship on social justice and sustainability a more comprehensive understanding of knowledge from the margins to further encourage the production of alternative and appropriate technoscience choices.

We encourage submission from interdisciplinary scholars, policy professionals, activists, and community members that speak to the broader conference theme of marginalization, science, technology, social justice and sustainability and the power dynamics of the production and consumption of technoscience. Please contact the Conference Chair Logan Williams (Lyman Briggs College & Department of Sociology, Michigan State University, will2734@msu.edu) with any questions”

Further information click here or at http://lbc.msu.edu/KFM/

Call for Paper: Deadline Extended 2015 January 26 

Source: http://lbc.msu.edu/KFM/

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