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“New Models of Innovation for Development” Workshop

Innovation has been moving up the strategic agendas of business, government and international agencies working in developing countries.  New markets for innovative goods and services among those at the base of the pyramid, and new technologies – particularly information and communication technologies – are inducing and enabling new actors to become involved in innovation for development.  This is creating new contexts and new locations for innovation.  And, as a result, new models of innovation are emerging.

The “New Models of Innovation for Development” international workshop was held at the University of Manchester, UK on 4-5 July 2013, and shared and explored some of these new models with 16 papers presented (see below) on topics including “inclusive innovation”, “base-of-the-pyramid innovation”, “grassroots innovation”, “responsible innovation”, “jugaad innovation”, “pro-poor innovation” and “innovation platforms” .


Author(s) Title Author(s) Title
Hannes Toivanen Invisible innovation: base of the pyramid ICT service ecology and pro-poor strategies Lesego Nkhumise, Gillian Marcelle and Shahid Vawda Innovation in water management: making science relevant for poor communities
Maria Clara C. Soares and José E. Cassiolato Innovation systems and inclusive development: some evidence based on empirical work Kees Swaans, Birgit Boogaard, Ramkumar Bendapudi, Hailemichael Taye Beyene and Saskia Hendrickx The use of innovation platforms to increase income and food security: experiences from India and Mozambique
Dinesh Abrol, Elisa Arond, Mariano Fressoli, Adrian Smith and Adrian Ely Renewing inclusive models of innovation: grassroots innovation in historical and comparative perspective Beth Cullen , Josephine Tucker, Alan Duncan, Katherine Snyder, Zelalem Lema, Aberra Adie, Eva Ludi, Aklilu Amsalu Innovation platforms, power and representation: lessons from the Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
Roald Suurs, Fernando J. Diaz Lopez, Jenny de Boer and Matilde Miedema A systems-based model for successful upscaling of sustainable innovation at the bottom of the pyramid Theo Papaioannou How inclusive can innovation and development be in the 21st Century?
Jaap Voeten & Wim Naudé Responsible innovation in small producers’ clusters in Vietnam: the policy implications of a societal process approach Mario Pansera Is there space for non-conventional innovation in mainstream theory? Towards a framework to explain heterodox innovation
Christopher Foster Nurturing user-producer interaction: innovation flows in a low income mobile phone market Adrian Ely, Adrian Smith, Melissa Leach, Andy Stirling, Ian Scoones Globally-linked local innovation for sustainable development: implications for a new hybrid politics post-Rio+20
Diana Akullo & Haaro Maat The public private partnership: a case of agricultural innovation in Uganda Rukmal Weerasinghe, Jaywardene & Ronnie Ramlogan Innovative capabilities of Sri Lankan SMEs to face global competition
Pankaj Sekhsaria Technological jugaad as a ‘culture of innovation’ in India Judith Sutz & Cecilia Tomassini Knowledge, innovation, social inclusion and their elusive articulation: when isolated policies are not enough.

Links to draft versions of the presented papers can be found at: http://www.cdi.manchester.ac.uk/newsandevents/

The workshop was a joint initiative of the Centre for Development Informatics, Institute for Development Policy and Management, and Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, all based at the University of Manchester.

* by Richard Heeks, CDI, University of Manchester, UK: innov4dev@gmail.com

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