Nov 13

Global Knowledge Initiative

“The Global Knowledge Initiative’s (GKI) guiding objective is to stimulate fruitful science, technology, and knowledge partnerships for development. According their definition, a fruitful partnership is “a partnership that builds the capacity of people and organizations globally to generate new knowledge or transfer existing knowledge from those who have it to those who need it.

The GKI builds global knowledge partnerships between individuals and institutions of higher education and research. We help partners access the global knowledge, technology, and human resources needed to sustain growth and achieve prosperity for all. With developing countries as a priority, we broker knowledge partnerships – partnerships between two or more people or institutions that generate new knowledge or transfer knowledge from where it is to where it is needed. Our approach is systemic in that we work across the entire ecosystem of actors that enable innovation, including academia, private sector, and the public sector. We prioritize local development goals and demand-led processes for priority setting.

We draw strength from our extensive network of institutions involved in open and higher education, research, training, international development, and public policy. Our location at the nexus of these networks enables us to work toward our goal of enhancing the development and transfer of knowledge, technology, and human capacity needed to sustain growth and achieve prosperity for all.”



Sources: http://www.globalknowledgeinitiative.org



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